Manchester City vs Liverpool Review – Cautionary yet amazing Football Match.

Manchester City vs Liverpool (Watch Here) has been the most anticipated match for quite some time now. Two teams in the most intense league in the world playing end to end football is a treat that even the neutrals have their eyes on. Today’s game especially the 1st half was no exception.

Liverpool though were absolutely overwhelmed by the City side in 1st half. Cancelo kept Trent on the strings with his darting runs and linking up with Phil Foden. Foden, who yet again ran the show vs Liverpool proving why he is one of the best youngsters of the world.He was a workhorse on the left side as he was crossing exceptionally well withthat left foot of his and also covering the spaces which were often left by offensive Left Back Joao Cancelo.  City were ruthless with their workload and pressed Liverpool like hungry carnivores. As a consequence, they opened the account though KDB was extremely lucky with the deflection and the crossbar assist.

The Liverpool fullbacks though immediately showed their offensive undoubted class and helped the Reds to respond with Robertson latching on a loose clearance from Laporte. The cross fell in Trent’s path who cuts in a low cross for Jota to score. Trent though being the best offensive Right Back in the world has his loopholes defensively. He gifted an absolute gift to Gabriel Jesus when the RB was static and never moved in his defensive duty which allowed Jesus to pounce on a lofted ball to find a 2nd Manchester City goal. The Liverpool side showed more caution than intent in the 1st half playing with a 4-3-2-1 as Salah & Mane were not free as wingers. They were a bit defensive in an attempt to overwhelm Manchester City in midfield and assist their offensive fullbacks with Jota being sole forward. Though the tactics seem to fail and Reds deservedly got punished by Manchester City who were daring with their offensive approach.

Klopp’s half time team talk though ignited the Reds again and they responded in 46th second of 46th minute with Mane getting the better of Ederson after a pinpoint through ball from Salah. The Senegal Superstar lost his marker in the process which ain’t easy when the marker is Kyle Walker. Till 60th minute Liverpool were on top of the Cityzens as the latter were unable to find a single shot. But as the game progressed, caution played it’s part. Though, Riyad Mahrez missed a Big Chance right at the end as KDB placed a wonderful through ball at his path. Mahrez with the intention of chipping a sweeping Allison was never able to find the mojo and scruffed the chance. KDB was the best player on the pitch and regularly kept Liverpool on their cautious toes. Both the teams were waiting for the other to make a mistake which eventually never came.

Title Race of Premier League 2021-22

The 2-2 draw is a great result for Manchester City considering their fixtures are easier compared to Liverpool who’ve to play Manchester United & Tottenham from the Big 6. But one thing is for sure that these two teams currently have A BAR of their own, a consistency which even teams like Champions League winners Chelsea have failed to achieve. Both teams now focus on their respective European Nights football where City travel to Wanda Metropolitano having a slender 0-1 lead. While Liverpool welcome Benfica to Anfield being in a commanding position of 3-1 already. “Manchester City vs Liverpool” the showbiz kicks off again in 5 days as both meet next Saturday for the 3rd time this season in a FA Cup Semi Final after drawing the 1st two games of the season by 2-2.

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